Hi. I'm Branchy the Boa!


I'm a social coding, music loving, boa constrictor. I love to program.

...but I have a problem.

You see I'm not quite big enough yet and that is a major problem.

Without the rest of my pieces, I'll never be able to climb my branch and become master of my domain again.

Won't you please help me out?!?!?

It's simple. Push me around my habitat using w,s,a, and d. Move me into the pieces that pop up to add them onto me.

When pieces are added, I begin to merge together into a bigger boa.

The more pieces I have will make me more likely to commit myself to the climb.

BUT WATCH OUT!!! I can't become tangled until I am in my branch. If my body hits into myself or the boundary, I will faint.

Once I climb the branch, I'll be able to pull my friends up so they can join me.

Are you ready to help me?!?!? Please?!?!?